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Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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AC Repair Vs Replacement: The 50% Rule

Your air conditioner undergoes a lot of stress. The wear and tear beats down on it, but it still holds on for you. Through all the repairs, it comes out on the other side to cool your home for a little longer–but how long can that last? And for that matter, how much are you paying in repairs?

Air conditioning services are there to either repair your air conditioner, or replace it when it’s time, but how do you know when that is? There are a few ways to tell what you should do; let’s go over them now.

The Basics of the 50% Rule

When your AC breaks down, you naturally call for repairs as soon as possible. But then what happens when it breaks down again six months later? Or when the repair bill is a lot higher than last time?

It’s a sign. The cost of repairs didn’t suddenly double–there’s more extensive damage to your air conditioner, which is known to happen over time. But there’s a certain point where those damages just aren’t worth repairing anymore.

If the repair bill is estimated to be 50% of the price of a brand-new air conditioner, it’s time to get rid of that old AC and opt for a new one. This isn’t going to be the last time it breaks down like this, and the next time could be the last. Then you’re still left with a replacement, and the money from that repair bill would be short-lived.

There’s an eventual decline in your unit; you just have to find out if it’s time to replace it or if it’s okay to repair it. There are a few more markers you can look at to tell.

If Your Unit Is Over 10 Years Old

If this is the case, start saving for a replacement, or look at financing options to replace it as soon as the repair bills start spiking. Most air conditioners last for 10-15 years, but that’s just an average. And it’s a range, not a guarantee that it’ll last for 15 years.

Sometimes, even when you do everything right, certain air conditioners go through the wringer and just don’t emerge on the other side. With more energy-efficient units coming out, especially since the SEER2 changes in January of 2023, there’s a better unit for you to replace that old AC with.

Keep in mind, prices are different from the last time you replaced your air conditioner. From new regulations, manufacturing standards, and energy efficiency ratings, the replacement cost will have some more sticker shock.

Replacement Vs Repair – The Choice is Yours

If your unit runs into its first expensive repair and it hasn’t hit that double-digit milestone yet, it’s probably safe to replace it. But be wary of older units; those repairs aren’t going to be enough to keep them going for much longer. You’ll end up with a headache and a heavy price to pay.

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