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About Us

How can you possibly decide to do business with a company that you don’t know anything about? Companies are composed of people, and people have stories. Our story is simple, we began as a local company that was owned and operated by a US Marine Veteran. We’ve always focused on doing the right thing for homeowners in Conway, AR—even when it’s hard.

That’s given us a reputation in the community as the team that will get your HVAC job done right. Our work speaks for itself, our phone lines are always open, and our team always helps you with a smile. We hope that as you choose to work with us for your heating, cooling, ventilation, air quality, and commercial needs. We look forward to working together to make spaces comfortable and systems more affordable.

Dewees: A trusted company that’s served Faulkner County tirelessly. Call us today!

Our Story

As a family-owned and operated company, it’s important that you get to know us. Back in 2009 Joshua Dewees returned from his tour in the Middle East as a Marine. He used his GI Bill to start courses at a trade school to learn about the HVAC industry. Utilizing the hard work and discipline he learned through his career as a Marine, Joshua began his profession at a local HVAC company with excellent success.

To be frank, Joshua didn’t like how other HVAC contractors were running their business. Sometimes, ethics were thrown out the window in order to make a quick buck. So, Joshua decided to start his own company and "do things right," his way. When ethics and customer satisfaction are at the forefront of your business, like they are in ours, things just end up better for both customers and professionals.

Our Guarantee to You

What do you get when you sign up for service with Dewees HVAC? Well, you get a company that sources all of its products and parts from the USA. You get to work with a team that promises it will never stop fighting to find you the right HVAC solution that fits your home and your budget—even if it isn’t easy. You even get benefits like a lifetime warranty on replaced parts when you join our maintenance program.

Unsure of what kind of solution would be right for your home? Give us a call and let’s discuss it. Do you have questions about a specific brand or type of comfort system? We bet our answers can help. We’ll put it plain and simple—if you call us for service in Conway, AR, we won’t let you down.