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Duct Services in Conway, AR

Air ducts are incredibly important for your home comfort. Without them, you’re relegated to specific comfort options that might not fit your home or your lifestyle. Air ducts grant flexibility and power, whether you’re using an affordable central air conditioner or a high-efficiency furnace, ductwork makes it all possible.

That’s why our team offers expert duct services. As your local comfort experts in Conway, AR, it’s vital that we keep every aspect of your HVAC system running smoothly. Dewees HVAC is uniquely qualified to do this job. Our team is exponentially growing with more trained and certified staff every day. We’re run by a Marine Veteran, so customer service and our interactions with the community are priority number one.

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Air Duct Testing

Do your air ducts need our help? The problem is that we just don’t know! You’ll never know just how poor your ductwork’s condition really is until you sign up for professional air duct testing services. We use a pressurized system to send air through your ducts in order to measure how much leaks out and how much makes it to your vents and into your home. By using this service, we can see just how much energy you’re wasting.

It’s entirely possible that up to 30% of the conditioned or heated air produced from your HVAC system is being leaked through your ductwork. That’s a lot of air that you’re paying for that goes to waste. Not only is that a problem for your budget, but for your comfort as well! It’s time to invest in air duct testing with our Conway, AR technicians.

Air Duct Replacement

Sometimes air ducts are just in such a bad state that they need to be completely overhauled. We’re not making a judgement call about your home, we’re just stating the obvious. That doesn’t have to be a stressful thing to hear, though. You’ve got access to one of the best suited teams to address your air duct replacement.

Duct replacement services really do require the help of a trained professional. When dealing with sheet metal and other materials used to build air ducts, you don’t want to take any chances here in Conway, AR. We’ve got all the right equipment and special training to keep your home intact while we quickly and quietly replace your air ducts. You’ll see massive results in a short period of time after signing up with a service like this.

Air Duct Sealing

Air ducts need to be sealed in order to properly transport conditioned or heated air from one place to the other. The moment you compromise on this type of service, your air conditioner is going to have trouble providing you with cooled air at all. Leaky ducts are some of the worst contributors to high energy bills and uncomfortable temperatures, so it’s time to nip this in the bud with professional air duct sealing services.

Never had your air ducts sealed before? No problem. We can use cellulose spray that’s environmentally friendly and safe to handle, as well as targeted duct repairs to increase the pressurized seal within the system. After you work with our team in Conway, AR, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without us!