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Furnace Services in Conway, AR

Furnaces are the most common type of heating appliance in America. If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your home heated and your family happy, there really isn’t anything as symbolic as a furnace. Nowadays, furnaces run with efficiency in mind—some reaching a 90+ AFUE rating, meaning they’ll keep your home warm at a fraction of the cost that other heating systems might.

The team at Dewees HVAC has been installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing furnaces for over a decade. Our furnace service is unparalleled, because we’re members of the community here in Conway, AR—and we treat all of our customers like the friends and neighbors they are. Why not sign up with us and join our ever expanding family?

Veteran-owned and family-operated. Call the Dewees HVAC family today for furnace services in Conway, AR!

Furnace Installation

A furnace is meant to last between 10-15 years in age, but it’s never going to make it anywhere near that long without the help of a qualified and experienced professional for furnace installation. Take a look at the major types of furnaces we service:

  • Gas furnace: Gas furnaces are run by clean-burning natural gas that is as efficient as it gets. These systems might be more expensive to install than an electric furnace, but their operational costs are minor as natural gas is cheap and abundant.
  • Electric furnace: Live a bit more off the grid than the rest of us? No problem! An electric furnace runs on any electrical system. They’re effective methods of heating a home. They also don’t burn any gases or release any toxic fumes, so sometimes they’re a safer method than anything else!

Our furnaces are all top-notch models from reputable brands like Amana. We won’t work with any products that come from overseas, meaning everything you get from us is built and serviced right here in America. Give our furnace specialists a call in Conway, AR to explore our furnace options.

Furnace Replacement

Is your furnace having issues year after year? Are targeted furnace repairs by experts just not getting the job done? Don’t give up hope. You could be dealing with an aging or faulty furnace that’s on its last legs. Think of this less as a stressful time and more as an opportunity to have a newer, stress-free system installed in its place.

Furnace replacements are handled easily by our team in Conway, AR. We can go through all of the heating options that could work for your home, and figure out a way to remove all of the aging or malfunctioning parts and replace them with new ones. We don’t care who initially set up your furnace or how it was neglected, we just care about moving forward with you and providing you with a heating solution that just works.

Furnace Repair

We deal with furnace repairs regularly. Sometimes these systems just need a team of professionals to perform targeted fixes that replace faulty parts or adjust efficiency levels. Take a look below to see if you might need furnace repairs.

  • Bad odors.
  • Uncomfortable noises.
  • Low heating output.
  • High fuel bills.

If any of these are causing you distress, then call us for furnace repair immediately. The faster you call us, the less expensive and detrimental the problem might be. Our phone lines are available 24/7 so that you can always get us when you need us. We also provide comprehensive furnace maintenance so your system is repaired and adjusted year after year. Call our Conway, AR team today!