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Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Conway, AR

What makes air conditioning maintenance so important? There are a few reasons. For starters, an air conditioner that goes without maintenance loses, on average, 5% of its overall efficiency per year. That’s an astounding amount when it compounds and you end up paying the dividends. By signing up with maintenance, our pros can get inside your air conditioner to provide small repairs, adjustments, lubrications, tightenings, and anything else that might help smooth out the cooling process.

That’s what our company does on a daily basis. Here at Dewees HVAC, we’re a veteran-owned company that’s going to do everything we can to ensure your air conditioner functions properly. All of our parts and products are sourced in the USA, and every company we work with is also based in the United States. Call us today if you’re interested in having your AC maintained properly.

Proudly serving Conway, AR and the Faulkner County area. Call us today!

Central AC Maintenance

Central air conditioners require maintenance to function as well as they should. Blower motors need to be inspected, refrigerant levels need to be recharged, and the overall condition of your system needs to be assessed. There’s nothing more detrimental to the longevity of your home’s comfort than an air conditioner on the fritz. We can tell you whether it’s in need of more serious AC repairs or even replacement.

Central air conditioners might be affordable and effective at keeping your home cool, but they can be some of the worst offenders of inefficiency when they go without maintenance. Your energy bills could see a steady increase as your home’s temperature reading starts to fluctuate. This shouldn’t be acceptable, and it’s perfectly avoidable with central AC maintenance performed by professionals.

Ductless AC Maintenance

Ductless air conditioners need maintenance too. In fact, ductless AC maintenance is required twice as much as conventional AC maintenance. This is because ductless heat pumps work during the winter and summer, meaning they need to be treated like a heating and cooling system.

Don’t assume these systems are more expensive because they require so much maintenance. By investing in professional ductless AC maintenance, you’re actively lowering your energy bills and operating costs in general. Maintenance keeps things cost-effective and reduces energy consumption. If you’re ready to treat your ductless AC like the marvel it is, then call our Conway, AR preventative maintenance specialists today.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps are incredible pieces of modern technological advancement. They both heat and cool our homes with little energy consumption. Compare your energy bills and comfort quality with those homes that use more conventional comfort systems and we promise you’ll be happy with your heat pump. That is, if you’ve signed up for heat pump maintenance as well.

Heat pumps work all year round, which means they need quality care for the whole year. Two maintenance appointments a year is the bare minimum that you can have done for your system. Without maintenance, parts will start to wear down, the system will consume more energy, and you’ll encounter more frequent repairs. Sign up for heat pump maintenance in Conway, AR to avoid these unnecessary problems.