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Central Air Conditioner Services in Conway, AR

Central air conditioning systems have been in use in Conway, AR for decades. They’re a fundamental part of cooling and easily the most conventional and affordable air conditioners available. For most homeowners out there, why would you invest in anything other than the most well-known and respected type of AC system on the market?

However, the moment you start working with amateurs to have your central AC system serviced, you’re signing up for disaster. Call Dewees HVAC, a proud family-owned and operated HVAC company in the Faulkner County area. We pride ourselves on providing quality and courteous service at a reasonable price. That’s because your comfort is our top priority.

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Central AC Installation

If you’ve been in the market for a new air conditioning system, then you’ve come to the right place. Central air conditioners are the gold standard of air conditioning in this country. They’re a technological solution to an age old problem we’ve been dealing with in Conway, AR: how do we cope with heat? With professional central or inverter air conditioner services at the right price.

A botched central AC installation can come with a whole host of problems. First, your system could be under or oversized due to poor load calculations in the beginning. This could bring your system to its knees and cause you to invest in a replacement too early. Poorly set up refrigerant lines or electrical wiring can lead to expensive repairs that will need to be made frequently and without delay. Basically, the only way you’ll be able to avoid these kinds of problems is with professional central AC installation.

Central AC Replacement

Homeowners often have trouble when approaching the topic of central AC replacement. Everyone wants their air conditioner to last forever, but that’s impossible. Look below to see if you might be in need of our central AC replacement services.

  • Age. Central air conditioners are only meant to last 10–15 years. Anything beyond that is rolling the dice and jeopardizing your comfort.
  • Frequent Repairs. Systems in need of replacement are often taxing on their owners because they require numerous repairs. A replacement is often the better option.
  • R-22 Refrigerant. If your old AC is still running on R-22 refrigerant, it needs to be replaced. This refrigerant was phased out in January 2020, and will get exponentially more expensive as time goes on.
  • Inefficiency. Old or faulty air conditioners often run inefficiently. This means higher energy bills and a greater carbon footprint for you and your family.
  • Expensive Repair Needs. Does your AC have an expensive repair need? If it costs more than half the price of a replacement AC, always take the replacement.

Central AC Repair

Whether you’ve got an inverter AC or a standard central air conditioner, repairs and maintenance will be necessary every once in a while. With central AC repairs, you’re going to want to call us at the first sight of an issue, regardless of how bad the problem might actually be. With maintenance, you’ll need to take a slightly separate approach.

Our central AC maintenance plan grants an annual maintenance visit to take care of your air conditioner. Both inverter and central air conditioners require this kind of service and it can help extend the lifespan of your system while also minimizing the repair needs that will occur in your Conway, AR home.