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Heat Pump Services in Conway, AR

Heat pump technology has been around for a long time, contrary to popular belief. You already have a heat pump in the sense that your refrigerator runs on this technology! Though, when we utilize heat pumps for our home comfort, they work a lot differently than they do in your refrigerator.

Perhaps it’s your turn to invest in a heat pump. Where do you begin? The smartest place to start would be with the pros who know their way around the systems, front and back. That would be Dewees HVAC! We’re a company that’s run by a US Marine Veteran, and all of our products are made in the USA. You get access to the best heat pumps available and the best crew to service them. Sound good? Call our Conway, AR specialists today!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert heat pump care in Faulkner County.

Heat Pump Installation

What goes into a heat pump system installation? For starters, refrigerant lines need to be set up, the air handlers need to be mounted on the walls, and electrical systems have to correctly be programmed. Without the help of a certified professional, you’re never going to get a correct heat pump installation that leaves you with little to no chance of a need for repairs.

We see the effects of botched heat pump installations all the time. Incorrectly sized heat pump systems, refrigerant lines that lead to the growth of ice on coils, all of these require incredibly expensive targeted repairs in order to fix. The only solution to an incorrectly sized heat pump is having it replaced entirely. Don’t gamble on subpar service that doesn’t last—call our Conway, AR professionals today.

Heat Pump Replacement

Let’s say your heat pump is incorrectly sized or it’s starting to show signs that something is seriously wrong. Anything from a botched heat pump installation to a refrigerant leak, or even old age can be the reason that a system needs to be replaced. Luckily, you have access to our team for your professional heat pump replacement needs.

We can be in there to remove all of the old components that were causing you trouble before. We’ll remove all faulty refrigerant lines, all electrical components, and any mechanical parts that haven’t been serving you well. Then, we’ll insert a new heat pump replacement that is well-suited to your home and lifestyle. We won’t leave your Conway, AR house until we’re convinced that it’s in working order and you’re happy!

Heat Pump Repair

The hardest thing about being a trustworthy HVAC provider is that we always do the right thing—even when it’s difficult. Heat pump repairs can be expensive and intricate, and when they’re performed by an amateur, they come with diminishing returns. Our repairs are always targeted, and our diagnosis is always thorough. You’ll never be left in the dark with us.

If the idea of heat pump repair makes you nervous, why not sign up for our heat pump maintenance plan? By scheduling a yearly appointment by a professional for your heat pump system, you get access to our trained experts who can inspect your whole unit. If we see anything that doesn’t look pristine, we’ll let you know and discuss future options. Sound good? Call us today!