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Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostat Services in Conway, AR

If your heating or air conditioning system was the heart of your comfort technology, then the thermostat would be the brain. Wi-Fi and smart thermostats are always getting better at keeping energy consumption levels low and your comfort high. If you or anyone you know is still using an old analog thermostat, or one without Wi-Fi capabilities, then you’d absolutely benefit from an upgrade.

Get all the mileage you can from an upgrade like this by working with Dewees HVAC. We’ve got the discipline and expertise to get you a smart thermostat that has capabilities specific for your home living situation. What’s the point of having a shiny new thermostat if it’s not going to provide noticeable improvements to your life? Our Conway, AR comfort experts are licensed HVAC technicians with the right knowledge to help.

Contact us to improve your life with our advanced technology.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

Some homeowners might ask the question, "Why on earth would I ever invest in a new thermostat? My dial works just fine!" While your old thermostat might technically work, the question you should be asking yourself is how well does it work. An old digital thermostat or analog one is never going to work as well as a new Google thermostat or Alexa thermostat. It’s because these units are built with systemic improvements that can save you money and make your life easier.

Take a Wi-Fi thermostat for example. They can be activated anywhere with the use of your smartphone, so you can keep your home cool, affordably, while you’re at work. You’ll only get these kinds of results with professional smart / Wi-Fi thermostat installation by our Conway, AR pros!

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement

No matter how many video tutorials you look up online, you’ll never find one good enough to guarantee that your old thermostat is replaced properly. Professional smart / Wi-Fi thermostat replacement comes with our local reputation as a company. An upgraded thermostat system can provide you with a measurable difference in your bills and comfort, but only if you sign up with professionals in Conway, AR.

We’re not just saying this to sell a service. Smart / Wi-Fi thermostats are built to last and hook up to your air conditioner or heating system electronically. That means the right tools and training are required to handle this electrical system and to ensure temperature readings are correct and that your system runs appropriately. This type of result can never be achieved with subpar thermostat replacement.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair

When you look at your thermostat, what do you see? Do you see inaccurate temperature readings? Perhaps some LED lights are broken so you only see half of all the information you should see? Maybe you’re not even seeing anything because your thermostat has shut down entirely!

Don’t settle for a broken or busted thermostat. Call our team in Faulkner County for targeted smart / Wi-Fi thermostat repairs. These systems depend on correct temperature readings and precise controls in order to provide you with the improvements you’ve grown to love. Let us help you get things back to normal by signing up for our maintenance program so that we can help prevent thermostat problems in the future.