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Sounds Your Don’t Want to Hear From Your AC

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Your AC has several ways to warn you something is not right. It doesn’t yet have the ability to self-diagnose its problem and provide a warning via the thermostat screen (the technology will get there eventually), but it has other options. One of the best is making strange or loud sounds. 

You know what an air conditioning system sounds like since you’ve spent plenty of time in homes and buildings with them. ACs generate a “white noise” of whirring motors and humming compressors with the occasional clicking sound at start-up and water dripping into the condensate pan. Anything that goes outside these boundaries, or the AC making more noise than usual, is a warning to call for air conditioning service in Bryant, AR. Technicians can investigate the sound and see what repairs will correct the problem. The sooner you have professionals on the job, the less expensive and expansive the repair is likely to be. 

To help you understand what you’re listening for, we’ve listed a few of the sounds you don’t want to hear coming from your AC, along with explanations of what they might mean.

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Repair or Replace? The Great Air Conditioning Question!

Monday, May 17th, 2021

As an air conditioning system moves into the second half of its service life, one crucial question starts to pop up: “Should I have my malfunctioning AC repaired? Or is it more cost-effective to have it replaced with a new air conditioner?” 

No simple answer to this question exists because no two situations with air conditioners are identical. The best way to find the correct answer for your situation is to call our professionals for air conditioning service in Bryant, AR. We always believe in doing the right thing for customers, even when it’s difficult. Your comfort is our #1 priority, and you can trust us to provide you with honest answers to the “repair or replace?” question. 

We can offer you some basic guidelines about repair vs. replace, but please delay making a final decision until after you’ve consulted with our technicians.

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