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Heater Installation in Conway, AR

Whether you’re looking to dive into installing a heat pump for your new home, or you’re more interested in a cost-effective furnace solution, we can be the ones to help. We depend on our heaters to keep us safe and warm each winter, so there’s really no reason to pay for the work of amateurs or family members to have your heater installed. Working with certified professionals helps you avoid any major problems.

Luckily, you have us to help with your heating needs. Dewees HVAC performs quality heating system installations in Conway, AR for furnaces, ductless heating systems, heat pmps, you name it! We source all our products from the USA, including Amana furnaces and other top-of-the-line brand name products. If you’re in the market for a new heating system, why not call the company with a reputation of quality products and courteous service?

Sign up for service with the premier heating system provider in the Faulkner County area!

Furnace Installation

Regardless of what anyone online or in person might say, furnaces absolutely require professional grade installation. We install both electric furnaces and gas furnaces, the latter of which can be a fire and safety hazard when installed incorrectly. Think about it—natural gas lines need to be set up accordingly so they don’t leak, and exhaust pipes need to lead outside of your home without any error so you don’t have to deal with carbon monoxide poisoning.

These are just two of many reasons why it’s vital to have your furnace installed by the pros. Our team in Conway, AR is ready and willing to provide furnace installation services whenever you need them. Let’s talk about which furnace is right for you and what your home heating needs are.

Ductless Heating Installation

While ductless heating systems might work as air conditioners as well, they’re powerful heaters in the wintertime. By running refrigerant in the opposite direction that it would in the summer, the ductless heating system can draw heat out of the environment outside and bring it into your home to be enjoyed by you and your family. Since we don’t get extremely cold winters like our northern friends, ductless heating systems are incredibly efficient sources of heat.

That being said, you’d be wrong if you think you can install this kind of system properly yourself. No amateur or family member is going to provide the level of care that we can. We make sure to install refrigerant lines so that they don’t leak, mount air handlers in strategic locations so you can maximize your heat, and make sure that the system is built to last. Call our Conway, AR experts to take the plunge into ductless technology today!