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Proudly Serving the Conway Area

Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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How Your Furnace’s Air Filter Controls More Than You Think

Your furnace’s air filter seems like a basic part of the whole setup, but its role is so critical that you can’t afford to forget about it. You know it catches dust and debris so it doesn’t get into the air you breathe, but beyond that, it does so much more.

One of the most common reasons homeowners need furnace repair in Conway, AR is because they don’t switch out their air filters enough, and that causes problems. Let’s walk through the different ways your air filter controls your furnace.

Proper Airflow Promotes Better Efficiency

Your furnace receives a simple request from the thermostat. It’s told to turn on, heat the house, and then the thermostat will communicate when it’s done its job. Then, a signal is sent to power down, and the task is done.

Assuming that your thermostat isn’t miscalibrated or broken in any way, the only machine here that needs to be optimized is your furnace. If it’s having a hard time pulling air in, it will struggle to heat your house properly, requiring it to be on for longer.

The longer it runs, the more energy you end up using, and the higher your bill is. And it could all be due to an inexpensive filter that you can switch out in less time than it takes you to finish reading this article.

Better Efficiency Reduces Breakdowns

When your furnace struggles, it impacts the longevity of your machine. If it’s having a hard go of things, it will run for longer and wear down all the associated components of your furnace. Simply put, it’s not good to run your furnace for longer than necessary.

So how does your air filter fit into all of this? Because when you replace your filter every 30 days or so, you’re reducing the amount of stress your furnace has to endure in the first place.

Think of your furnace as having a battery, and when that battery runs out, the furnace breaks down. To spend that battery’s energy as wisely as possible, you want it to do its job but in shorter intervals of time. That’s what switching out your filter can do.

Works With Your Indoor Air Quality Control System

Let’s not forget about just how much these filters capture, either. If you hold up your brand-new filter to the old one that you’re about to take out of your furnace, the contrast is stark. A good amount of all the dust and debris you’re looking at? Some of that would have ended up in your respiratory system.

Face it: Your Filter is Fantastic

By switching out your filter every 30-90 days (and we do recommend the former), you keep your system as efficient as possible, and reduce the wear and tear on your furnace that you’re in decent control of. It’s a simple task, but spending 60 seconds and a few bucks a month to keep your furnace from running into major breakdowns due to air restrictions? That’s about as good as it gets.

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