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Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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Be Wary of These Gas Furnace Sounds


Although furnaces are built to run quieter than ever, there’s no way to completely eliminate the sounds of the blower fans and the gas burners. In fact, people often take comfort in these gentle noises as a simple part of the soundscape of the winter. Maybe not as comforting as the crackle of the fire in a hearth, but something similar. 

Then there are the odd sounds that gas furnaces can make—ones that aren’t cozy. They may be loud, sudden, or just strange, but they’re often the way your gas furnace warns you that’s something wrong that may require calling professionals. (And you absolutely must have professionals when it comes to repair services for your furnace in Conway, AR. Amateur work on a gas furnace can create safety hazards, and in many jurisdictions only certified technicians are legally permitted to do the job.)

A Short, Helpful Guide to Common Furnace Warning Sounds

We’ve compiled a list of the more common sounds that will tell you something might be amiss with your furnace. If you have any doubt about the furnace’s operation, please don’t hesitate to shut off the furnace and call our team.

  • Clicking: A bit of clicking as the furnace comes on is normal. It isn’t a sound you should be hearing regularly, however. There are a range of potential causes for this sound, such as worn bearings in the motors, trouble with the gas valves, a loose inducer, a failing ignition system, or one of several different electrical problems. (A gas furnace has many electronic components.) It may even be warning of a cracked heat exchanger, which is a serious problem that may create safety issues.
  • Rattling: Often this indicates there is a loose part inside the blower assembly, such as a screw. It can also be imbalanced or dirty blower wheels. Unless these problems are fixed, it can do severe damage to the blower. Another possibility is that the cabinet of the furnace is coming loose from the floor. But the trouble could be as basic as an improperly latched cabinet door, so check that first. 
  • Booming: The furnace comes on, and a few minutes later there’s a loud and sudden boom sound from it. This is a large amount of unburnt combustion gas igniting at one point, warning that there’s a delay in ignition in the furnace. A common source for this is a build-up of grime or carbon particles on the burners or a faulty electronic ignition system. Professionals will need to clean the burners and inspection the ignition system.
  • Mechanical screeching and grinding: This the sound of a motor going bad. Screeching warns that the bearings in the motor are worn down; technicians can save the motor from burning out by replacing the bearings. Screeching usually means the motor is already burning out—you may also notice an acrid smell from the furnace—and will need to be replaced. 

You can trust our heating experts will see your furnace receives the repairs it needs. We are always focused on doing the right thing for homeowners, even when it’s hard.

Dewees HVAC is here to keep you comfortable. Give us a call when you think you need furnace repair. 

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