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Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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You Know You Need a New Air Conditioner When…


Your air conditioner has seen better days, but still, you want to hold onto it for as long as possible. With the price of a new air conditioner, we understand–it’s not an expense anyone wants to dish out the money for. But the thing is, there’s a certain point where it’s passed the threshold of no return.

Getting air conditioner replacement can be stressful, which is one of the reasons that we offer financing options for you to get what you need without being burdened with an enormous bill.

So how do you know if your air conditioner is truly on its way out and needs to be replaced, not just repaired? Let’s talk about that.

It Keeps Breaking Down

It breaks down, you call to get it fixed, then it’s the same old song and dance before you know it. How many times have you called for AC repair in the last year or so?

If it’s more than once, you need to explore the possibility that your AC is on its last leg. You can first tell by its age because most air conditioner models don’t last for more than 10-15 years. If it breaks down a lot, that’s because it’s on the way out.

Higher Power Bills

You’re conservative with your energy and never raise the thermostat above 72F°, but your energy bill keeps going up anyway. What gives?

Even though you’re being careful, your air conditioner doesn’t have to be. If some of the components are failing or showing signs of wear and tear, your AC has to stay powered on for longer to try and force the right results out of your system.

All that extra power may help you cool down, but at what cost? The longer your AC is on, the more wear and tear happens across the whole system, so it’s actually wearing down other components at the same time.

Spotty Performance Record

Your AC used to cool the entire living room in 15 minutes, even in June. How’s it holding up these days? If it’s not keeping pace with its previous performance, for the most part, it’s because the entire system is aging.

Over time, it loses efficiency, and that’s not something you can miraculously bring back with maintenance. Yes, maintenance helps out tremendously, but it’s a tune-up, not an end-all be-all.

Your air conditioner will lose efficiency over time, but eventually it will be too much. When you have to run the air conditioner for twice as long as you used to, it’s not up to par anymore. It’s time for a new one.

Over the Hill

At a certain point, your air conditioner is over the hill and needs to be put out to pasture. It’s served you well, but a more energy-efficient model is on the horizon. Get ready to spend less money on your energy bill and encounter fewer repair calls for the next decade at the very least.

Contact Dewees HVAC today to schedule your air conditioner repair and schedule continued maintenance from here on out.

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