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Proudly Serving the Conway Area

Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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What to Do When Your Ductless Unit Has Airflow Problems

Ductless air conditioners allow you to have full control over the cooling zones in your home, and that granular control can help you finally get along with others in your home who have very different ideas of what’s comfortable and what’s freezing cold. But they’re not perfect, and airflow problems happen.

If you run into airflow problems, it almost always leads to ductless HVAC repair. But before it does, you can follow what’s on this list to hopefully resolve the issue before it escalates to a repair call.

Check Your Air Filter

The first and most likely culprit on this list is simply a blocked air filter. Most ductless air conditioners have removable and reusable air filters that you can wash out, dry off, and put back where they belong.

However, they’re usually smaller than the 20” by 30” central AC filters most of us are used to. These build up dust very easily, so cleaning out your filter should be a regular task you carry out while cleaning your home for the best effects.

Look for a Loose Panel

The front of your ductless HVAC unit can come off for quick access to internal components, but if it’s not on properly, it can impede airflow. Check to see if it’s hanging loosely or just not secured all the way. If that’s the case, restore it to its rightful place and check to see if the airflow issues have ceased.

Clear Away Nearby Clutter

With any machine that requires air input, from an AC to a PC, you want a consistent supply of cool air. That means you need the area around the air intake to be clear of clutter and debris. While this isn’t technically blocking the airflow, it’s limiting the total amount of space the unit in question has to draw air from. It makes its job harder for no reason. Try keeping 1-3 feet of free space around the air intake of your ductless HVAC unit.

It Might Be Overworked

Ductless air conditioning is great, but every machine has its pros and cons. If you set your ductless air conditioner too low and run it often, especially if it’s trying to keep up with very low temperature demands in a heat wave or extremely humid day, it can struggle.

Go outside and check for any ice buildup on the outdoor section of the unit. If this is the case, you need to shut it down for a little while and let the ice melt. Assess the weather, frequency of use, and consider turning up the temperature target a little bit to help.

Did Those Options Work?

If those methods worked, that’s great–now you also know for next time. If they didn’t, that means the issue is a bit deeper than expected and needs the attention of an HVAC technician to sort things out. That’s what you have us for.

Contact Dewees HVAC today to schedule your ductless HVAC repair as soon as possible.

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