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Proudly Serving the Conway Area

Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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Was This the Last Summer for Your Home’s Air Conditioner?


If you’re asking yourself whether you have an AC that’s had its last summer run, then you’ve come to the right place to start looking for an answer. Getting a solid answer, the right answer, will require help from HVAC pros who are experienced with aging air conditioners and determining when it’s best to repair a system and when to replace it. 

In this post, we’re going to provide you with some advice about your current AC that can help you focus on whether it’s ready to retire this fall so you can start with fresh cooling the next time you need it. 

Let’s Start With the System’s Age

Although age isn’t the ultimate benchmark for when to replace an air conditioner, it’s still a strong one. So … how long can you expect a central air conditioning system to last? In general, ACs can run effectively and efficiently for 10 to 15 years, provided they’ve received regular maintenance. (Without maintenance, life expectancy can drop by half.) Any air conditioning system that’s more than 15 years old is a prime candidate for replacement, even it outwardly still appears to be working well. Keep the system’s age forefront as you consider other aspects of it. 

An R-22 AC Needs to Go

An air conditioner manufactured before 2010 may use an outdated type of refrigerant, R-22. You can find the refrigerant type on the information plate located on the condenser. R-22 refrigerant has been fully phased out, and if an R-22 air conditioner leaks refrigerant, it cannot be repaired. We strongly recommend replacing an AC that uses R-22 as soon as you can. 

The Price You Pay for Cooling

Do you pay more to cool your house through the summer than you used to? Yes, electricity costs can rise, but if you’re seeing a recent increase in summer utility bills that doesn’t have an easy explanation, it may come from an air conditioner that’s on a sharp decline due to age. If you’ve regularly maintained the system, the rise in costs probably means the AC is beyond what repairs and tune-ups can fix. 

Bang! Clang! & Other Noises

Has your air conditioner turned into a loud nuisance whenever it comes on? Although no AC can operate in complete silence, they shouldn’t create noise pollution for a house. An air conditioner that rattles, grinds, groans, and clanks is rapidly wearing down to its end. 

Cooling Isn’t What It Used to Be

When an AC is in the upper range of its age estimate and it begins to struggle to keep the house cool, it’s sending a major signal it needs replacement. If you’re pushing the thermostat down lower and lower just to get the standard cooling you used to expect, it’s time to leave the thermostat buttons along and call us to get new air conditioning in Benton, AR.

You can trust our trained HVAC technicians for honest answers to all your questions about your declining AC. We’re family-owned and operated and look out for the comfort and happiness of our customers.

Dewees HVAC proudly serves the Conway area. Call our experts for great air conditioning service.

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