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Proudly Serving the Conway Area

Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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Don’t Ignore AC Problems at the Start of Fall!


Fall has officially started, although it might not seem like it when we’re still experiencing hot days. The cool weather is still not far off, and this can make it easy to assume that air conditioning repair in Conway, AR is no longer a priority. The air conditioning system is going to run less and less until it goes on a short winter hiatus. 

This makes it tempting to ignore seemingly “minor” troubles with an air conditioning system in the early fall. Odd noises, uneven cooling, temperatures that don’t feel as comfortable … you might try to dismiss all these as something to deal with later, such as in the spring when it’s time for AC maintenance.

Please don’t put off air conditioning repair like this! The time to call for repairs for an air conditioner is as soon as you notice the troubles. Here’s why we never recommend delaying any professional repairs for your AC.

The weather can still get hot!

As we’re writing this, it’s 95°F in Conway. You need your air conditioning system running in top condition to handle this sort of heat, and with all the strain it’s already undergone, it can run into serious trouble in this late-season heat. We don’t know what October can have in store; new heat waves can strike through the fall. If you have a faulty AC, you run a high risk of it breaking down completely at a time when you need it the most. Repairs help keep you and your family safe from dangerous heat waves.

Malfunctions raise operating costs

It doesn’t take much of a malfunction in an air conditioning system to make it work harder. You may not notice a change in temperature, but the AC will put in more labor and run for longer to reach your expected thermostat settings. This will raise your energy bills through the fall. There’s no reason to pay more to keep running a faulty AC when you could instead pay to get it fixed and keep those bills down (as well as make the AC more reliable).

Repairs help an AC last longer

When an air conditioner must expend more energy to run because it has to overcome resistance from faulty parts, it will not only cost more to operate, it will wear down faster. If you let your AC continue to work without getting it repaired, it may cause the system to fail earlier. A replacement done years too early is a costly “repair”!

Convenience in spring

If you let your AC limp into winter when you finally shut it down, you might be in for a nasty surprise in the spring when it’s time to get the air conditioner running again. It may not work at all! If it does work, it will still have that repair trouble, leaving you less time to scramble to get it fixed. It’s just better not to procrastinate and instead have the AC repaired earlier.

Dewees HVAC proudly serves the Conway area. Reach out to us today to handle any AC troubles you have—we are here to keep you comfortable!

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