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Proudly Serving the Conway Area

Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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Fall Means It’s Time for Regular Heating Maintenance

We hope you are enjoying a safe autumn season. As we want you to enjoy a safe and warm coming winter. The best way to help you do that is through preventive maintenance for your central heating system. This is one of the most important services we offer, since it keeps a heating system in prime condition for years to come, lowers costs, and makes your life more convenient. All you have to do is sign up for our preventive maintenance program, and we’ll come to your house and only a short time later leave you with a heater that’s ready for any cold weather.

This an Essential Annual Service

We want to emphasize that heating maintenance is something we offer as extra service for our customers. Any HVAC professional will tell you how vital it is that these inspections and tune-ups are performed every year. There are some steep consequences for a heating system that misses regular maintenance. Below are troubles you’ll start to run into when the heater continues to decline year after year with the attention of HVAC professionals:

  • More repairs: Preventive maintenance is primary about, you guessed it, prevention. The majority of repairs a heating system may require over its service life can be prevented when the system has annual maintenance. This saves you money as well as the hassle of getting the heater repaired—often going without heating when you most need it.  
  • Emergency breakdowns: Going hand-in-hand with extra repairs is the risk a heater runs of shutting down entirely during the winter months if it isn’t tune-up before. Inspections let technicians find out developing problems that could create a breakdown when they’re still small. You’ll love having peace of mind about your heating system.
  • Higher energy bills: The wear and tear on a heating system that accumulates winter after winter will cause the system to expend more power for the same results, and this will waste money. You might end up spending 25% more to heat your home after only a few years—needlessly.
  • Shorter system life: The extra wear will take years off the life expectancy of a heating system. In fact, it might not even make it to half its expected lifespan if it goes without maintenance. Replacing a heater years before its time is an expensive “repair” indeed!
  • Voided warranty: Without regular maintenance, the manufacturer’s warranty on the heating system may be voided, stripping you of an important consumer protection.

Our Preventive Maintenance Program

When you join our preventive maintenance program, you’ll receive two maintenance visits a year (the other is for the air conditioning system) and we’ll waive after-hours fees. You’ll also receive a lifetime warranty on parts we replace (exclusions apply). Talk to us today to learn more about our heating maintenance in Conway, AR.

Dewees HVAC is here to keep you comfortable! Call us to sign up for heating maintenance.

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