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Proudly Serving the Conway Area

Proudly Serving the Conway Area


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Common Furnace Repair Problems to Watch For


We’re experts when it comes to furnace repair in Conway, AR, and we’ve seen our share of furnace problems when customers call us to help them stay warm during the winter. We know you’d like to get through the season without furnace troubles, but even with the best regular maintenance service available, you may still run into a malfunctioning heating system. The best way to prepare is to know some of the more common problems so you can catch the signs early. Then you can call us before you’re left completely in the cold. 

Below we’re going to talk about a few of the most common furnace issues to keep a watch for. Count on us to fix any problem.

Burners that won’t light

If you turn on your furnace and hear the blower fan come on, but you don’t hear the whoosh of the burners igniting, you won’t get any heat. If the burners don’t light, the gas will soon shut off as a precaution. Several problems can cause failed burner ignition, such as a broken electronic igniter, a stuck gas valve, or a flame sensor that is turning the gas off accidentally. 

Motor troubles

The motor that drives the blower fan is one of the hardest working parts of your furnace. The motor can overheat and burn out, which will prevent the blower from moving air through the furnace to be heated. You’ll often get an early warning of this with a shrieking or grinding sound coming from the blower housing. If you hear this, shut off the furnace and call us to repair or replace the motor.


This is when the furnace turns on and off rapidly, rather than staying on for a full heating cycle before powering down. Short-cycling places immense strain on the furnace’s components, drives up energy use, and won’t allow enough time to evenly distribute heat around the home. There are many potential sources of short-cycling, from a clogged air filter to a missized furnace. You’ll need our expertise to discover the cause and have it repaired so the furnace will run optimally again. 

Furnace trips the circuit breaker

This can happen with both gas and electric furnaces (gas furnaces use numerous electrical parts). For some reason, the furnace is overloading its circuit and causing the breaker to trip. If this happens once, it might be a fluke occurrence. If it keeps happening, stop using the furnace and call us. There is probably an electrical short in the furnace or an overheating motor. 

Overheating heat exchanger

If the heat exchanger in a gas furnace gets too hot, the furnace’s limit switch will shut the system down as a safety precaution. The heat exchanger usually overheats when there is a problem with airflow through the furnace so that the exchanger isn’t cooling down as air moves around it. We can locate the source of the problem to fix it.

Remember: the sooner you call us for help, the easier the repair will be and the lower the chance you’ll be trapped in a cold house.

Dewees HVAC proudly serves the Conway area. Call us when you think you need furnace repair—we’re here to keep you comfortable.

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