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Pool Heater Services in Conway, AR

Pool heater services might sound like they don’t require professional help, but that’s a common misconception. Pool heaters can be complex pieces of heating machinery that will make any Layman’s head spin. If you think the video tutorial you watched online is going to key you in on performing an installation or repair, you’re gravely mistaken.

Our team provides sensible, quick, and affordable pool heating services. When you sign up with Dewees HVAC, you’re signing up for a new standard of quality craftsmanship and customer service. We’ll perform our installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement and stay late to ensure the system runs perfectly. We pride ourselves on integrity and the ability to get a job done the right way—even if it’s hard. So call us today for expert pool heater service.

Get your pool heater installed by the best team in Central Arkansas. Contact us!

Pool Heater Installation

You’re probably wondering how professional pool heater installation works. Well, the most important aspect of heating a pool is determining how much heat will be lost from the surface area of the water. All the air that the water comes into contact with will absorb the heat, causing the pool to cool quickly. You’re going to want to have a pool heater that’s sized correctly so it can properly replace the lost heat escaping through the air.

Size calculations are vital when it comes to keeping your pool heated. An amateur might fuddle their way through a semi-successful installation for you to finally realize that the system is the wrong size and just won’t have the power necessary to keep your pool warm. We would consider that a failure. Our team operates on doing things by the book, which is exactly what you’ll get when you work with our Conway, AR pool heating specialists.

Pool Heater Replacement

Your pool heater won’t last forever. Depending on how cold our climate is, how windy your property can get, and other factors, your pool heater might end up breaking down through sheer wear and tear. That’s not terrible, since a replacement pool heater could be a good excuse for you to learn about the different energy options available for pool heaters.

Some pool heater replacements in Conway, AR run on gas, while others operate as heat pumps or electric systems. Call our team today to explore which pool heater system might be right for your pool. This is a decision that must be made with the help of a trained professional, otherwise you risk having your system replaced by a pool heater that just doesn’t work as well as you want it to!

Pool Heater Repair

How is your pool heater working? This is an easy question to answer. When you jump in your pool on a brisk chilly day, is it freezing to the touch? Or perhaps your pool is warm enough but your energy or gas bills are staggering? None of these outcomes are acceptable and sometimes they warrant professional pool heater repair in Conway, AR.

Luckily, you have access to our team of pool heater pros! We provide targeted pool heater repairs for systems that are having trouble completing the job. Not only that, but we provide sensible pool heater maintenance as well so that you can keep yours running smoothly. We can even check your pool heater at the same time we would check other systems, to make the scheduling easier. Call our team today!